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Australia is an island continent with the ability t source seafood through regulated Australian Licensed Fishing and Farming. Our country prides itself on our seafood offering and generates significant tourism on both our seafood industry and historical reefs and lands.

The Department of Primary Industry has proposed a series of documents to the Commercial Fishing Industry titled Commercial Fisheries Reform which outlines new methods of regulating the Fisheries Industry. An industry that is already highly regulated, with significant reduction in the last 10 years.

The impacts that require consideration are not limited to the following:
- significantly reduced Australian Commercial Fishing availability
- significantly reduced Industry job loss
- significantly reduced and limited sources for Australian seafood
- increased farmed fish with reduced species variety and range
- decreased quality seafood that is Australian produce
- the increased level of imported seafood that do not have Australian health and safety standards
- proposed $9m expenditure on building a reef off the South Coast between Jervis Bay and Kiama
- significant impact on our tourism trade generated through Australian seafood produce

This is just the beginning - we need our government to consider all of these issues and more

We, the under signed, call on the House to reject the legislation and refrain from any final decision or progression in relation to the agenda presented in the series of documents submitted to the Commercial Fishing Industry, titled Commercial Fisheries Reform Program, which proposes a new method of regulating Australian Fishing Industry operation, until clear objectives and impacts are provided with detailed costs both economically and socially (including any financial investment proposed) to the Public in the manner outlined under leaf.

We request that public impact and awareness is communicated in the form of government and media announcements with full disclosure on the impact to the Australian Public, Seafood, Restaurant and Tourism Industries (including but not limited to all current and proposed future seafood sources, impact on existing commercial fishing operations and industry job loss - a clear display of consultation with the Commercial Fishing Industry and, all Health and Environment standards to be implemented).

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