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This petition is to ask and, if not supplied, then to demand a public apology to Susan Lucci for the treatment she received from CBS last night, may 17th at the daytime Emmy awards ceremony! First they play the AMC theme music and then they announce Susan's name as the cameramen encourage our Susan to walk up to receive her Emmy! Only to get there and be told it is Susan Flannery who won and not Susan Lucci! A mistake? I think not! How horrified Susan must of been. Your treatment was inhumane and unacceptable and will not be tolerated! Susan Lucci is the most popular daytime actress in all of daytime history and she is loved and adore not just in our country but in countries all over the world! And we, the fans demand you treat Ms. Lucci with the respect she so well deserves and meet the demands of her fans and give her the public apology she deserves!

On be-half of her millions of fans all over the world! Tory

We, the undersigned, demand that Susan Lucci receive a public appology from the CBS network for her treatment at the Emmy Awards.

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