Krafton Game Union (PubG)

As we all know PUBG is currently the most popular Game on planet. I have been playing PubG mobile since season 2 and i have seen many ups and downs of this game in terms of glitches and errors, but they were all acceptable as pubg was offer me the ultimate gaming experience - I am sure millions and millions of people who plays PubG shares mutual thoughts . But now Enough is Enough . with increasing amount of players now every other player is using hack and cheating. Normal players cant win a match what so ever and we meet hackers in every other game. The increasing amount of hackers shows that PubG org is not taking any certain actions against these hackers which will ultimately effects the gaming experience and will turn pubg mobile from the most popular game into the most unfair game on planet.

Please Sign this petition and share it to all PubG players in order to put pressure on Krafton Gaming union "PubG Developers" TO TAKE STRICT ACTIONS AGAINST HACKERS AND CHEATERS.

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The PUBG Take Serious Action Against Hackers (PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION) petition to Krafton Game Union (PubG) was written by Changezi Khan and is in the category Gaming at GoPetition.

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