Pool players and side betters alike

hello my name is ron st. omge. Many for you know me around the pool community from hamilton, burlington,oakville,mississauga,london and toronto area for playing pool and gambling and betting on matches. some of you might know me from being part of gtaaction group on facebook. On thursday night march 19th I was arrested on false charges on proceeds of crime. the police raided my house and found drugs in my roomates car. they continued the search and found that i had nothing in my car i was driving and on me nor in my room i was staying in.they found my large saving of money i had tucked away with the sum of 21000 I made from pool and casino betting over 2 years.the police seized my money. I hoping to reach out to the pool community for help in this matter to clear my name and help prove that money was made through gambling. ive worked and grinded very hard for that money and traveled all over the GTA to make it. Your support will not go unnoticed... Thank you

I ask that people can just say I gamble in pool and poker for a living. That they see me in different cities and different pool halls betting on matches and playing my own matches for money.

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