Children's Mercy Hospital
United States of America

Dr. A is a well known pediatric neurologist in Kansas City. He is one of a few trained movement disorder specialists treating many rare disorders. Many of his patients came to see him from all around the world. His extremely experienced and effective at programming DBS (deep brain stimulation) regardless of complexity. Additionally, he has greatly improved the outcomes and qualities of life for numerous children with movement disorders by utilizing botox injections, baclofen pumps, and other cutting edge procedures. His compassion, care and skill have been indispensable in the lives of many children who have been labeled as "too difficult to treat" elsewhere.
In mid-May he was suddenly gone from Children's Mercy Hospital. With no other neurologist in the department, much less the region, as talented and effective as he, many of the children he treated are left in precarious and even life-threatening situation.
This petition is to request that patients and/or their replacement neurologists be permitted access to Dr. A to ensure the safety and health of the children

We the undersigned request that Children's Mercy Hospital's allow Dr. A to be rehired, permitted to be employed in the area as a pediatric neurologist or replaced with a neurologist holding the same viable credentials, experience and level of care that Dr. A was providing for his pediatric neurology patients.
We also ask that the leadership of the hospital conduct an internal review and seek to avoid this type of situation in the future for the hospital, it's physicians, and, most importantly, it's patients.

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