Croke Park, Dublin

My brother Niall is 16 years old as a result of an accident 10 years ago he is wheelchair bound. Niall is a character and his biggest love is GAA and his beloved 'Tyrone'. I can safely say the Tyrone Team are Niall's Heroes.

This is my reason for raising this petition, Niall cannot talk, but if you seen his eyes and a facial expressions at match - he is cheering with the rest of us inside. I want to see the facilities in Croke Park improved and in all other stadiums throughout Ireland, so that Niall and all fellow Gaels can continue to enjoy Gaelic Games and to have the proper facilities while doing so.

Croke Park in Dublin has 68,000 seats in its main arena of which there are ONLY 127 disabled seats!

Most of the seats are located at the back of the Cusack stand where viewing is often restricted, toilet facilities are inadequate with one disabled toilet on the Cusack stand for 127 disabled people, there are 2 more disabled toilets on the Canal end of the stadium.

The toilet facilities are highly inadequate, on one recent visit to Croke Park my brother Niall who is disabled had to be taken back to the car (parked almost 1 mile from the stadium) to be changed as he has to be laid on the ground (we bring a blanket) the toilet floor was covered in urine and faeces - Disgusting and Appalling!

The stewards should be trained how to relate to people with disabilities and should be on hand to monitor the toilet facilities.

People with disablities pay the same money as able bodied people and they should recieve the same value for it - the problem we are now highlighting is that 'when you are able bodied you don't realise there is anything wrong!'

We, the Undersigned, demand that facilities in GAA grounds, particulary Croke Park, need to have adequate facilities for people with disabilities.

These facilities should include proper toilet facilities, changing benches, carparking and unobstructed viewing from their seating. All stewards at all matches should be trained in the specialist needs of people with disabilities.

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