#Consumer Affairs
Federal Trade Commission, Executive and Parliament Government
United States of America

With the increase in the number of unemployed and the need for extra income, families are looking at the internet for an extra source of income or even a full time income. However, many moms, retirees and the jobless fall prey to scheming individuals who put up websites offering jobs, tools or businesses that seem legitimate, but don't work.

Many work at home moms, retirees, and the unemployed apply for these internet jobs, are hired, and render their services, only not to be paid.

Many also pay for an online business opportunity with false claims. This empties the pockets of people who have limited resources to begin with.

Some people, with the hope of earning some income, invest their food money on online businesses, tools and software, in the hope of being able to provide a better life to their families, only to realize that they were lied to.

The people who seek better lives through the internet will continue to dramatically grow in numbers. It is expected that millions will continue to fall prey to scrupulous individuals. Billions of dollars will be lost to internet scams and fraudulent online businesses and jobs.

These scheming and scamming businesses have been allowed to flourish because there is no single agency that protects the consumers and that runs after these criminals, no matter where they are in the world.

The international community needs one government agency to protect global consumers from fraudulent claims and businesses.

We, the undersigned, request all governments of the superpowers to come up with an agency to run after individuals who promise jobs and businesses to global consumers, but don't deliver.

We request that there should be an agency to put a stop to websites that are fraudulent and scam people. The agency should run after the individuals that run these online "businesses" that are scams.

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