#Gender Rights and Issues

Christian groups are working to undermine the success of the SSC which promotes safety and respect of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans* high school students. The spreading of untruths, information taken out of context, including disruptive behaviour to hinder supportive schools slowing the progress of this great initiative.

The SSC training is only given to school staff and used at their discretion. There is no contact with youth as Christian groups suggest. And, nothing is to be feared as suggested with content of the SSC education resources.

Parents expect their LGBT sons and daughters, while at school, to be protected not vilified.

The SSC is a great step forward to assist school staff and families to minimise LGBT youth who are statistically at a higher risk of suicide, truancy, homelessness etc than heterosexual youth.

As somebody once said "God forgive them because they don't know what they do".

We the parents, loved ones and supporters of LGBT youth call on the Queensland Government to

(a) either make the SSC compulsory in all State High Schools which will prevent schools from being singled out for harassment by Christian groups,
or at minimum
(b) provide support to the schools who have or would like to signup to be part of the SSC.

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