#Law & Order
Texas State Senator John Whitmire, Chair of the Senate Criminal Justice Committee
United States of America

Anti Death-Penalty extremists continue to threaten the Texas Department of Criminal Justice's ability to carry out death sentences against condemned murderers.

First, they prevailed upon the sole manufacturer of sodium thiopental to cease production, forcing Texas to replace it with sodium pentobarbital as the first drug in the three-step execution protocol.

Then they prevailed upon the manufacturers of pancuronium bromide to halt sales to state corrections departments, necessitating a switch to one massive dose of pentobarbital, the same regimen used to euthanize animals.

Now, with the existing supply expiring within the month of September, pressure tactics similar to those employed against the manufacturers of pancuronium bromide have made it unlikely that more pentobarbital can be obtained.

We, the undersigned, call upon Senator Whitmire, his counterpart in the Texas House of Representatives and Governor Perry to change the method by which the Texas Department of Corrections executes condemned criminals to one of the following:

1-Suffocation via nitrogen gas, a method which induces instant unconsciousness and produces no disfigurement.

2-Hanging, a method which, when using the tables and variable-drop techniques employed by British hangman, Albert Pierrepoint, produces unconsciousness within 300 milliseconds.

3-A five-man firing-squad employing .30 caliber carbines or rifles. (Firing squads were upheld in the 1879 SCOTUS Wilkerson v. Utah decision.)

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