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Gates Town Hall
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We were visited on Sept 1st by the dog warden informing us that we had 1 too many dogs than the town allows. We were then told that 1 dog had to go. We have had our newest dog since December of 09 and she is very much a part of the family. To let her go would be like letting go one of my kids, and totally out of the question.

As a Gates resident I am deeply distressed by the knowledge that the town of Gates has decided that its residents DO NOT have the right to decide how many dogs they can care for.

In the Town ordinance it states that each residence may house up to 4 animals yet they feel they need to dictate how many dogs and how many cats. I say "NO", they do not have that right. It is my constitutional right to have a pet and as long as my pet or pets do not cause any harm or nuisance to others I say "LEAVE US ALONE".

The town is currently paying visits to more and more people who have legally licensed 3 or more pets with the town of Gates. They are then asking that all pets amounting to more than 2 be removed permanently.

This is not fair and we should not take this laying down. Please sign this petition in support of removing the limit to the type of pet you can have.

A copy of this petition will be hand delivered to the Gates Town Supervisor, Mark Assini at the next town meeting.

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