Salisbury council CEO & Elected Members

On the 21st of January 2016, the ERD court (Environment and Development court) in South Australia handed down a finding that has the ability to undermine all Community events, fetes and Markets in Australia.

Stalls are now defined as "Shops" a Group of stalls is now "A Shopping Center" the out come of this change to the definitions, means all these events are now considered "Non Complying" development applications.

Non complying developments are not supported by councils and development plans/laws, in direct conflict with the wants and needs of the community.

Applications for community events are now being stalled, and existing approvals can now be contested. Farm Direct community markets Salisbury, which has been successfully trading as a farmers type market for over 3 years is the first to have its approvals squashed.

Farm Direct Markets Salisbury is an asset to the Salisbury community, as are all local community events in the Salisbury area and the rest of the country, that may also be affected by this decision.

Farm Direct on its own, supports hundreds of local jobs, promotes healthy eating and community activities, as well as supporting the under-privileged in our community.

If the Salisbury council files an appeal to the decision that has undermined their approval process, Farm Direct will also fund an experienced legal team to support the appeal in the hope of protecting every stall holder that utilities similar community events to earn a living in Australia.

We the undersigned, call on the Salisbury council as a matter of urgency to file an appeal to the recent decision of the ERD court (Environment and Development Court) that has determined a stall to be a shop, and a group of stalls a "Shopping Centre"

The decision will undermine Markets, fetes and community events, as in most cases they will now be considered "Non Complying" applications, undermining the will of the community and our support of such events.

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