#Neighborhood Living
South East London
United Kingdom

No 1 Manor Mount wishes to demolish the back and side of a Victorian dwelling and build a four story extension to the back and a three storey extension to the side to turn a family home into a large block of flats.

This will lie directly beside No 1 1/2 Manor Mount a small Victorian Coach House and cause considerable impact, not only to this house but to the surrounding properties.

We, the undersigned, call on Lewisham Planning Department to reject the Planning Proposal to alter and convert No 1 Manor Mount Proposal ref: DC/07/67548 on the grounds that it is out of scale and over bearing and will fail to enhance and preserve the Forest Hill Conservation Area, will cause significant impact on the character and amenity of the surrounding neighbourhood and properties, will affect the biodiversity of nature and will undermine the architectural character of the existing dwelling and the symmetry between the host dwelling and its neighbour and deep excavations beside 1 1/2 Manor Mount could cause fatal subsidence.

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The Protect Forest Hill Conservation Area petition to South East London was written by Teresa Howard and is in the category Neighborhood Living at GoPetition.