#Human Rights
Devon County Council
United Kingdom

Devon County Council receives a government grant (called Supporting People) to support vulnerable people. This includes helping to prevent homelessness, as well as helping homeless people get off the streets and have a better future.

This grant has only been cut by around 12%, but DCC intends to cut services supporting people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness (mostly run by local charities) by up to 40%! This is extraordinary disproportionate and against instructions by government Ministers.

Vulnerable people WILL lose their homes as a result of these cuts, which take effect in April 2011. Young people WILL be forced to stay in abusive and unsafe situations because there will be nowhere else to go. Supported housing projects helping people get back on their feet WILL be closed or dramatically cut back their services.

This will create untold human misery to people whose lives are already difficult enough.

But even if you have no heart, these cuts make no economic sense. If homeless people are deprived of housing and support, their lives will become more chaotic. Crime will go up. Antisocial behaviour will go up. Drug and alcohol misuse will go up. Mental health problems and hospitalisations will go up. A&E admissions will go up. More people will be in prison.

The list of consequences of these badly thought out plans goes on, and every one creates problems for the wider community and extra costs to the taxpayer. These cuts will COST money, lots of money, not save it.

All this will happen unless we, the voting public, make our views known. So join this cause, and let's tell DCC councillors what their voters think.

1.These are difficult times. But, as DCC's leader has said, we have to protect the most vulnerable at this time. This includes those at risk of homelessness

2.£1 spent on housing support saves over £2 in the long run through reduced crime and antisocial behaviour and improved physical and mental health

3.Central Government has only cut Devon's funding by 12%. It is grossly unfair to target homeless people with cuts of up to 40%

We the undersigned strongly object to any cut in excess of 12% to support services for Homeless people in Devon.

We call on the leader of Devon County Council and his colleagues to fulfill his promise to protect the most vulnerable.

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