#Animal Rights
The members of the IUCN and local governments

The African wild dog, Lycaon pictus, is one of Africa's most endangered carnivores. It is Red Listed by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as an Endangered Species.

The reasons given by IUCN for this decline are human induced loss of habitat and persecution by humans. According to the IUCN report on wild dogs, there are between 3.000 and 5.500 free ranging wild dogs left in Africa today.

In January 2006 a film was broadcast by a Dutch Channel, Twee Vandaag, which exposed the indication that there was a serious trade in wild dogs, including dogs which came out of the wild!

One way in which the trade and capture of wild dogs could be monitored and controlled would be for them to be listed on CITES, Appedix I or II. (Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species). That means that the African wild dog, Lycaon pictus, should be placed on CITES as soon as possible to afford a greater level of protection.

The African Wild Dog will need protection from the local governments in Africa. Since it will take years to get it on the CITES list, The wildlifefoundation wants to act before it is too late! See the movie to learn more http://www.wildlifefoundation.info/

The time is now! Protect the last wild dogs in Africa !

We the undersigned want protection for all animals on the IUCN RED LIST.

We ask all IUCN Members to protect all threatened species unless there is a very good reason not to protect them!

The Red List is great but the protection of the endangered species needs to
become a major issue for all local governments. Only the local government can decide about the protection of wildlife!

We hope that you will immediately start investigations about the possibilities to protect the threatened species in your country in the best possible way.

We thank you for your interest and are sure that ECO Tourism will be booming business in your country, many civilized travelers want so see wildlife now and the numbers will increase in the future!

Best regards

Hans Lak

and the Undersigned

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