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Back in 2016, upgrading from Reason 8 to 9 cost €/$ 129. And upgrading from Reason 1 to 9 cost the same ! Nonsense !
Today, the upgrade from Reason 9 or 9.5 to freshly-announced version 10 will cost €/$ 129 as well.
We're conscious of all the hard work that Reason represents. We know that this new version brings more content inside Reason. We DO NOT reclaim or whine for free upgrades all the way, but only a FAIR upgrade scheme showing gratitude toward long-time, loyal customers, some of them being loyal since day 1.
Reason 10 brings more, but we also want more gratitude !
We love Reason and we always will, but we can't possibly pay another full price upgrade just less than a year after the last one.
A fair scheme would be version-based : 129 € - 10 € x (version number - 1). Thus, upgrading from version 1 would cost 129 € ; from V2, 119 € ; from V3, 109 €... from V8, 59 € ; from V9, 49 €.

We, the undersigned, ask the nice guys at Propellerhead Software, to whom we are grateful for working very hard for our beloved Reason to remain the coolest music making program ever, to be grateful in turn by offering a fair upgrade price scheme showing more gratitude toward long-time, loyal customers.

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