Elk Grove City Hall
United States of America

This petition originated 10/02/03 at 11:00 AM and was started to build a skatepark for both bikes and skateboards so kids have something to look forward to and an activity for afterschool instead of getting involved in drugs and gangs, also to prevent further vandilization of city landmarks by skateboards bikes and rollerbaldes.

As a community of skaters and bikers we would like you to sign this petition as proof that the Elk Grove California area has a large group of youth intersted in having a skatepark built in our area!! This would minimize "vandilization" by skateboards and bikes on buisness properties, and preventing buisneses to continually have to repair and replace curbs,walls, ledges, stairs, and rails. So to prevent future costs we can pitch in and help build a better community and have more tourist attractions so Elk Grove will not be a place no one will want to visit or live!!!!

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