Millard "Fil" Waters
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Richard Halliday has been missing for over a year from his Barracks room on Fort Bliss in El Paso Texas. Shortly after the Family were made aware of Richard's disappearance the Army's Criminal Investigation Command (CID) were assigned Richard's case. After 80 subpoenas and warrants, and what appears to be a campaign involving the Army's TRADOC and Asymmetric Warfare Group dedicated to smearing Richard and Team Find Richard Halliday (TFRH), there are many unanswered questions that need answering. Considering that CID does not know how to look for missing people, the family decided to hire a private investigator that would work for them.

The private investigator, Fil Waters, that Richard Halliday's Family and friends, TFRH, hired was someone that was recommended to them by CSM Hardy Hay of TRADOC. CSM Hay called the FRH Hotline to give the Family Fil Water's name and reccomendation. The Family was unaware of the TRADOC connection. Fil Waters gave TFRH advice in the early months of Richard's disappearance, so TFRH thought that he could be trusted and would help them on their mission to find their son. However, after the first follow up ZOOM report with the family it was apparent something was very wrong. Richard's parents felt as if this private investigator slapped them in the face. It was like the PI was compromised, had become an informal agent of the CID and had no intention of properly investigating this case (if this is found to be true than his license should be held in question). Here are few reasons why the family believes this private investigator was compromised:

1. FIL Waters failed to thoroughly research and review this case before he started investigating. As a private investigator he should know the importance of paying attention to every detail in the case. After interviewing several people of interest, the information was nothing the family didn't already have. The information was readily accessible to the PI for months beforehand. He would have known this if he had thoroughly reviewed the facts, incidents and knowledge of the case. Whether this was just incompetance, carelessness or intentional is the question.

2. This Private Investigator gave a lot of credibility to the statements made by the people of interest he chose to speak with, however he did not provide tangible evidence to support their statements. Thus, his whole report was based on hearsay only. Why would a professional and licensed private investigator believe people so easily without offering any evidence when the family provided information that holds their statements to question? He also only spoke with people that the family had already spoken with and not with one of the people of interest who the family had not yet spoken with.

3. The Halliday family hired Fil Waters to find and gather new information that would help in the search for Richard, but this was not his mission. It looks like he spoke with CID more than with the family over the course of his investigation and then closed by chastising Mrs. Halliday (his client) for conducting Facebook livestreams which are the way TFRH reaches out to Richard if he is alive and anyone else that may have information on their sons whereabouts. The PI even was on a mission for the CID. The PI advocated, advised and passed on messages to family for the CID. CID has the Family's phone number.

We are petitioning that P.I. Millard "Fil" Waters refund the family for his charges. Those fund were from hard working Team Find Richard Halliday donations and fundraisers. He needs to give back the money for his lack of investigation. FIL Waters betrayed the family's trust and took advantage of a Family's desperation to find their missing loved one. Before the PI was hired the Family was informed that a percentage of the fee would be returned to them if he didn't find any new information. The fee may not seem like a lot to him, but the Family had to raise that money through the kindness and generosity of others to help find Richard Halliday. The Family was also charged for flights from Hawaii to Texas. Fil Waters business is based in Houston. The PI needed to pay his own way back to his home in Houston.

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