#Children's Rights
The White House
United States of America

The United States has a documented human trafficking problem that affects children. They are reportedly used as sex slaves in the United States that are instructed by their pimps to claim their exploitation is consensual when in fact it is to obtain narcotics pimps addicted them to and out of fear of retaliation.
Another epidemic is children overdosing on drugs daily, right at school, sometimes dying. Addressing these dangers are unquestionable priorities that warrant respect and action.

American law enforcement ignore what is grave to focus on vendettas, pride, delusions, wrongful accusations, errors and witch hunts. Harmless people are stalked and accused while suffering from slander the law refuses to protect us from since we are classified as suspects. Time, resources, funding and attention is wasted on pointless bogus investigations while women and children are missing and being used as sex slaves inside American borders. Both the heartlessness and ignorance in their priorities is appalling.
We call on the UN to demand the USA enter into the ICC and adhere by it's rulings. Only an external source can remedy this crisis. They clearly are not capable of remedying and reforming themselves on their own. If the USA refuses to honor ICC rulings then we need to be sanctioned. We need to be internationally chastised. Enough is enough. The poor judgment and emotionally driven behavior demonstrated by law enforcement detectives as a collective fashion is severe and inexcusable. The UN must demand the USA join the ICC and have accountability. Otherwise the UN must sanction the USA and remove prestigious honors currently granted. We require outside help.

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