#Animal Welfare
Department of Agriculture - APHIS (Animal and Plant Inspection Services)
United States of America

This petition evolved from a recent case of horrid findings in a Texas primate sanctuary, where years of inadequate care of it's residence and upkeep resulted in the Attorney General stepping in and placing the facility in receivership.

A national movement to establish standards and regulations is needed to stop this kind of nightmare from every happening again. I challenge the USA to take a stand and help start a movement to try and ensure that the remainder of these beings lifes are spent in sanctuaries that are well monitored. We owe it to them.

We need to know what goes on behind the gates. Someone in your family is alive today, because of them. The conversations need to begin today!

We, the undersigned, call on APHIS, the US Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services, to establish stringent sanctuary standards and regulation to give these animals back their dignity.

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