Challenging our government to be "Exparte" and "Extraordinary" , Primacy of Place for the Bahamian People, move to provide policy and leverage your decision making.

To "cause" the following:

Retain Dr. Gilbert Morris to function as a Lobbyist in Washington DC for the purpose of advancing Financial Services and other Bahamian interests.

Appointment of Dr. Gilbert Morris as a Advisor to the Government of The Bahamas.

Appointment of Mr. Peter Gilcud task to assemble a team to transition from Exchange Control.

Appointment of Mr. Prescott Smith task to assemble a team to uncover amd report of ALL Natural Resourses relative mining and business transaction prior 1967 and post 1967 through 1973.

Appointment of C. Allen Johnson task to assemble a team to provide strategies to make Freeport a 21st Century ready City complete with accoutrements and technology to become the Call Center and Silicone Valley of the Caribbean.

Appointment of Lyndon Nairn and Darren Cash task to assemble a team to audit and uncover companies created prior 1967 and post 1967 through 1973 engaged in business transactions stealth of the knowledge of The Bahamian People of Natural Resourses.

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