Caribbean Cinemas
Saint Kitts & Nevis

It is a frequent occurrence to find young children under the age of 5 in R rated and violent movies in St Kitts because parents find it acceptable to expose them to such adult related material.

Caribbean Cinemas says they are aware of the issue, but will only advise parents and will not stop them.

Children screaming and crying from fright is disruptive to other movie goers, but more importantly its traumatizing and damaging to the young children to see such images at this formative stage.

We ask that Caribbean Cinemas adopt a proactive stance which involves all of their staff from ticket sellers to ticket takers and prevent entry of young children even when accompanied by parent to R rated films.

Children under 14, or at least 10 should under no circumstance be allowed to enter an R rated movie - even if accompanied by an adult.

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