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On 5/6/05, Matti Friedt, Senior Coordinator of Child Care Services for the Polk County School Board, informed Mrs. Charlotte Pyle that she was being transferred from her position as Pre-K teacher at Lena Vista Elementary. My son, as well as 7 other students, will be returning to Lena Vista Elementary next year to find a teacher whom they do not know.

School is hard for young children and to transfer a wonderful teacher that has both taught and loved them is irresponsible. My son has a speech problem which is bad enough that he is not understood by most adults outside of the family. It is not, however, bad enough for him to receive assistance beyond speech therapy once a week.

Mrs. Pyle is one of the very few who can understand him. A new teacher may not be able to or try to understand him. When I asked Mrs. Friedt why Mrs. Pyle was being transferred, she would only respond that it was a confidential personnel matter.

This petition is to keep Mrs. Pyle at Lena Vista Elementary where she is needed by her 8 returning students. She has helped my child and every student in her class improve in their personal areas of difficulty. We do not wish to lose her.

We, the undersigned concerned citizens of Polk County, FL implore the Polk County School Board and Matti Friedt, Senior Coordinator of Child Care Services to retain Mrs. Charlotte Pyle as the teacher of the preschool class housed at Lena Vista Elementary.

We ask that the involuntary transfer be rescinded and she be allowed to stay at Lena Vista Elementary where she can continue the education of the students that were in her class the 2004/2005 school year.

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