#Civil Rights
United States of America

As of August1, 2011, Smart is going to be charging Personal Care Assistance to ride the smart bus!

This would mean that someone that requires an assistant would still be able to pay a dollar each way because of their special fair, but their assistant would be paying 4 Dollars each way.

Many people with disabilities have to be taught how to ride the smart bus, and they are taught by a mobility teacher throughout the years of Kindergarten through twelfth grade. There are a lot of mobility teachers, and they each have many students that they have to teach. The company that the mobility teachers work for, for example, the MISD, has to pay a dollar each way for each student that is taken on a bus trip, and now they will have to pay 4 dollars each way for the mobility teacher.

This could eventually become impossible with all of the budget cuts! There will be people not getting taught how to ride the smart bus, and when they are older, and they have to go somewhere like a job, and no one is available to take them, they won’t know what to do!

We the undersigned strongly disagree upon allowing the smart bus to charge Personal Care Assistance for riding the smart bus, and we call on the FTA to take action!

The Prevent the Smart Bus from Charging Personal Care Assistance petition to FTA was written by Tiffane and is in the category Civil Rights at GoPetition.