New Zealand

This petition is against the legislation John Key is attempting to put in place which will allow the government intelligence agencies the right to monitor and spy on New Zealand citizens.

It is already clear that the New Zealand Intelligence agencies have already been misusing such positions and already engaged in illegally spying on it's citizens without justification. This is a serious threat which is treading on our rights as New Zealanders.

Imagine a government that monitors and tracks law abiding citizens. Accesses personal information and uses such information for profiling.

We are looking at a threat similar to that of the United States Patriot Act which also treads on your liberal right of freedom of speech. Throughout history we have seen governments and leaders misuse such a power and the people have become the victims of their tyrannical governments or leaders.

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We, the undersigned, do not condone Government intelligence agencies such as the GCSB having the right to spy, monitor or access any personal information of New Zealand citizens.

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