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On the 11/18/04 episode of the Today Show on NBC, Matt Lauer conducted an interview with the founder of Live-Shot.com, where one can shoot at targets with real guns in real time over the internet. They were also discussing the controversial nature of the founder's plan to stock his Texas ranch with various game, and allow paying members (with Texas hunting licenses) to hunt real animals online.

If one were to kill an animal, after paying for it, it would be made into a trophy and shipped to the hunter along with the meat of the animal.

I am disgusted (not to mention shocked) by the thought of people possibly being able to hunt and kill animals online. I believe that if you cannot look an animal in the eye, face-to-face, then you have no right to kill it.

This is just one more step in desensitizing the public view of killing. If you share in my concerns and opinions, please express them by adding your name to this petition.

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