#Civil Rights
CDI College

i have been terminated from CDI College Edmonton by the Director Tiffaney Bodnariuk & Nicole Lavoire from the Dental Assisting program for suffering a concussion and missing 5 days. I was aware of their ridiculous attendance policies and proactively in the beginning made sure it was ok with the school to miss more than 5 days to recover. CDI said it was ok and to recover (I have correspondence). They said it was ok in the beginning but if there was a problem they should have said so as to allow me to chose to forgo my tuition or education but waited until it was too late. They agreed to let me stay providing a Dr note saying I could return and refused after recieving 3. They stated I could come back and retake everything (nothing was tranferable to the SAME school and same course) for another 20K. They seen my injury as another kick at my bank account. I was top of the class and was to finish theory within 2 weeks. All I am is dollar signs and now they have tried to cover up some of the correspondence in my favor but have failed.

We the undersigned call CDI to take action and reinstate the Dental Assisting student for what she has paid and to allow the student to resume the education as per what was agreed upon and not to have to take the entire course again for monetary gains.

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