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I think we all know what Pakistan is going through.

We all know what it is heading towards and we will not watch like cowards.

To all those people who love, admire and respect Pakistan. My friends, in today’s date, are we able to say “I AM PROUD TO BE A PAKISTANI” ? Ask yourselves and you will know the answer. Of course, one should burn in hell before he/she says they are not proud of Pakistan.

But can we not do something, can we not be of some use. We all love our country because we fought for our independence.

This is an appeal to all the young generation out their. It was the young generation of Pakistan who were behind Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.

My friends today our country is facing difficulties in every field. Economically, politically and every aspect you can look at. We have the same situation as we had in 1971 (East and West Pakistan).

Today, do we seriously still need Musharraf? Today will we still sit there and watch, will we? We all know what a great leader Benazir was. Will we still watch like cowards? I request everyone to sign this petition for Musharraf to resign. And if you think your opinion won’t effect anything then YOU are of no use, sit and watch like a coward!

This is not just an appeal to all the Pakistanis but also to all those peace lovers out there.


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