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Petition Asking President Bush to visit Kerala.

As you all know President Bush is planning a visit to India in 2006. We need to act now as preparations are being made on his schedule and places to visit or it will be too late. There is a long road ahead full of hurdles and pot holes. We need to act NOW!

Malayalees, especially Indian North American community need to get an unequivocal message across the White House, State Department and the President that he is very welcome in Kerala, India.

We are hoping for a paradigm change in Kerala about law and order, freedom from fear for life and property, economic freedom, an opportunity to get good paying jobs.

Fundamental Rights for a Malayalee and a new thinking about Law and Order.

1. Freedom to live without fear for life and property.
2. Freedom from violence like "bundth" and associated destruction of private and public property. People will have all the rights for free assembly, protest or strike etc and it has to be peaceful demonstrations causing no major interruptions in every day life.
3. Economic Freedom: Opportunity for a good paying job. Bring good clean businesses like tourism, a multi billion dollars industry, IT etc. With good planning we can avoid its bad side effects.
4. Freedom to travel all across India without fear of strikes and violence and culture of confrontations.
5. Freedom to receive fair and balanced news. Like to get true facts and both sides of the story. No propaganda or just plain America bash on news events. Mega star Mammooty can help in this regard with his association with Kairaly TV, we request him to advise Kairaly TV stop Anti American bash. He is enjoying all the benefits of capitalism and free enterprises.

Benefits of President Bush's visit to Kerala:

The President's visit by itself is not going to make any good fortunes to Kerala. But the world focus will be on that beautiful part of India and tourism will prosper. There will be a large number of media people always accompany a president wherever he goes. In addition to that the US Secretary of Commerce and many cabinet level officials always accompany the President along with the Presidents and CEO's of many major American companies and corporations.

We can bring this high profile business leaders to Kerala and then it is up to the politicians and business people of Kerala to utilize the God given opportunity to discuss business deals.

I know there are many very brilliant people in Kerala who will step up to the plate and utilize this golden opportunity and bring good IT and other good paying jobs to Kerala. We can curse the darkness all night long and nothing will change but we can try to light up a candle so light will spread. Act Now and please sign the petition NOW.

Act Now: Target date for submission to the White house by the end of October 2005.


Rajan Koshy 10-01-05

Honorable President George W. Bush:

We, the undersigned Keralites of Indian origin and other interested individuals, request your kind attention to visit Trivandrum, Kerala Galveston's sister city during your Presidential visit to India in 2006. The state of Kerala is in the southwest tip of India having a population of 31 million people of various religions, culture and civilizations.

Kerala State is also in the forefront of health care delivery to general public and above 95% literacy rate. The state of Kerala is one of the "green states" in India, having a large area of back waters. The Keralites calls the state "Gods Own Country". National Geographic magazine called one of the top 50 places to see in the world. Yes your presence would create a great impact on its people and we the Keralites in the United states would be very grateful to you and your delegation. There are various non governmental organizations in Kerala are very anxious for your visit. The democratic state government is also very eager to see that you would be visiting Kerala. It is our humble request to make our vision a reality.


Committee Members for President Bush's visit to Kerala, 2006

Rajan Koshy

Jose Puthenveetil

George Abraham

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