#City & Town Planning
Marion City Council

Marion City Council approved plans for the redevelopment of Hazelmere Reserve in February 2007. Fencing off an area at the northern end thus reducing the area available by 20m.

Now without any consultation Marion is in the process of fencing off a much larger area nearly 40m will be taken for non dog use. Increasing the size from under 1800 sqm to over 3200 sqm. Also denying access to the carpark and the main gates.

We, the undersigned, ask Marion Council to honor the recommendations made at the General Council Meeting dated 27 February 2007 [GC270207R03]. For the proposed Stage 1 modifications for Hazelmere Reserve.

Recommendations from the consultation section 3.4
"This option would reduce the area available to the dogs off leash and cricket by 20 metres".

This involves moving the fence back to the original position as per the plan provided by Marion.

The Preserve Hazelmere Reserve petition to Marion City Council was written by Warren Jackson and is in the category City & Town Planning at GoPetition.