Ron Paul Supporters

Ron Paul needs our support on all levels. Today, the very first primary, will set a tone for the whole election. If Ron Paul wins a landslide victory, then the mainstream media will be forced to give him attention.

Today may be the most important day of our entire life. We have never had an opportunity like this to elect a president who is sparking a grassroots freedom movement which is growing daily.

We, the undersigned, commit to fast and pray today, Jan. 3, 2008 on the day of the Iowa State primary for the following, in accordance with God's will:

1. Safety of Ron Paul.
2. A landslide victory in Iowa Primary today.
3. Protection of all Ron Paul supporters, especially those who are actively working for the campaign today.
4. Protection of the campaign staff.
5. For fair and balanced reporting by the Mainstream Media.
6. We as individuals would repent and lead lives that are shining examples for liberty and justice.
7. A fair election--no voter fraud.

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