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Four outdoor firing ranges planned by the Virginia State Police (VSP), Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) and Department of Game & Inland Fisheries (DGIF) is slated to be developed off Old River Trail, a historic scenic By-Way. The Old River Trail neighborhood is rural with a productive farm sharing the property boundary.

There are 6 residents that are less than 1400 feet from the proposed firing ranges. These firing ranges will NOT be available for public use.

An active church begun by ex-slaves in 1866 and a large sub-division are both less than 2/10 of a mile from the proposed ranges. The range will impact about 600 residents within a 2-mile radius from the firing.

This will also impact those hobbyists who enjoy the tranquility of the James River for recreational purposes. This proposed facility will NOT create any new jobs NOR revenue for the counties. It will however, DECREASE the land value for those in the immediate surrounding areas thus causing a REDUCTION in tax revenues for the counties.

Powhatan and Goochland residents along the river will also be impacted by the noise the proposed firing ranges will emit.

We the residents of Powhatan County and Goochland County are NOT in favor of the proposed firing ranges.

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