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Bob Crampsey served Scottish football for many years, starting with STV in the 1950's through to his retirement from BBC Sportsound in 2001.

He was an institution of our sport and an oracle of knowledge.

Throughout that time Mr Crampsey shared his enthusiasm for the game with many colleagues, viewers and listeners across the country, providing eloquent reporting and an infectious passion that is likely to have lived long in the memory of those to have experienced his wisdom.

While the attractiveness of Scottish football may have fluctuated over the years the calibre of Mr Crampsey's broadcasting remained sparkling, as attributed by the quote below

"this is as if this game was being played in a gigantic barn in total darkness. Occassionally, feeble gleams of cleverness from Kenny Miller, Paul Hartley and Craig Dargo illuminate the stigin(?) scene and then it lapses back into impenetrable murk. Both sides left the field at half-time to a chorus of well-deserved booing."

Having passed away on Monday 28th July 2008, football fans from around the country have expressed their respect and indeed gratitude for Mr Bob Crampsey's contribution.

Many have questioned why he was not awarded some formal recognition of service during his lifetime and the purpose of this petition is to, in some small way, rectify that error with a thoroughly deserved posthumous OBE.

We, the undersigned, call on the government of the United Kingdom to recognise the contribution of Mr Robert (Bob) Crampsey to both Scottish football and broadcast journalism by way of the awarding of a Posthumous OBE.

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