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What are pootie pads? They are quilted pads stuffed with A-grade catnip (for cats) or lavender and thyme (for dogs).

Pootie Pads is a cottage industry created and run by two sisters, Sara and Ann, from their home which we affectionately call Catnip Manor. Their business supports themselves and their beautiful cats. They'd like to expand their business and employ others. But to achieve that aim, they first need a much higher public profile.

An interview spot on "The Ellen Show" would be purrfect! Pootie pads bring joy and comfort to cats and dogs - and Ellen and Portia have three cats and three dogs in their family so they are very aware of their furkids' needs and wishes.

Please sign this petition to help us bring this idea to the attention of "The Ellen Show" producers. We fervently believe it will charm the socks off the audience!

We, the undersigned, urge "The Ellen Show" producers to invite Sara and Ann Reed on the show to display and discuss their innovative Pootie Pad creations for cats and dogs. We fervently believe it will charm the socks off the audience!

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