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Politicians should be require to work in office a minimum 40 hour work week like every other American. In addition to the responsibility to the United States, they should be required to do their duties, such as voting on issues, signing laws, and have the time they are spending in the Captial Accounted for.

(1) We the Undersigned wish that every Congressional Member of Congress, both Senate and Representative, Every Judical Branch member including the Supreme Court, Every Member of the Executive Staff is required to be in office on Government grounds for a minimum of 40 hours a week. During that time they cannot be involved in any personal buisness dealings, any type of campaign raising or funding, or self promotion of any kind through any media outlet.

(2) The United States is to keep public records, preferably with easy access such as the internet. These records will record the events of these representatives with details on who they met with. This will include voting records detailing, voted for, voted against and missed.

(3)Violations to this could have the political member fired. If they cannot meet the minimum requirements of a 40 hour work week, or at least vote on 85% of available votes, will be asked to leave congress due to incompetence.

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