Australian government at all levels

Julia Gillard thinks the minimum wage is acceptable. What's acceptable about working 6 days a week, to not have a spare cent on pay day. What's fair about working in an industry that you yourself can not even afford to buy in.

I think the the politician's could do with finding out. They should be paid an hourly rate equal to the minimum wage and see how long they can survive on it.

I think this would make two things happen;
1: The minimum wage would rise to an "acceptable" level.
2: The only people that would go into politics are those that truly want the job. they would not be their just to get rich and give themselves big pay rises from our tax dollars when ever they feel the need.

The politicians are public servants and as such serve us. So voice your opinion below, they have to listen to us if we all speak as one.

We the undersigned believe that government at all levels, should be payed equal to the lowest paid workers in the country of which they govern.

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