#Human Rights

Dear believers in human dignity,

The recent violence in Kenya has caused over 300 people to needlessly lose their lives, and 100,000 people to lose their livelihoods and homes.

Furthermore the violence and tensions have caused a threat to stability within the region of East Africa. Not just political stability but economic as well.

The economy ground to a halt and millions of shillings worth of property has been destroyed.

This is all evident from the broadcasts from CNN, Al Jazeera, and local news networks like Nation TV (www.youtube.com/ntvkenya).

All this has been caused by the announcement of the presidential race in Kenya where incumbent was declared the winner of the recently held elections. There has been allegations of rigging from both international and local observers.

It is this regard that I call upon the UN and all supporting states to FORCE BOTH leaders to take a proactive approach towards restoring calm and order within the country.

Both leaders have shown clearly their incapacity to lead and lack of concern for the general population in Kenya, for they continue to contest for the presidency even as people continue to die and be displaced.

Both leaders should suspend their personal disputes with each other until the end of violence and carnage sweeping the republic of Kenya, and failure to do so, should render both leaders as incapable of leading the people of Kenya.

Kindly note the focus is peace and the people affected by the violence, and NOT a forum for us to express political stance. For whatever our political differences Kenyans must still and always be able to live in peace.

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