#Law Reform
State of Arizona

So many police officers are embellishing in their police reports and also conjuring with other officers, which is against the law.

Police officers are sworn in to protect and serve, not to be the KGB and NOT to abuse their authority and break the law, to harass or to be above the law. Police officers should be mandated to proving their reports truthful if the suspect in the case requests so.

So many persons are suffering the tattoos of crimes due to police being stressed to busting persons with more then one crime in order that the suspects be forced into accepting at least one crime punishable by law. This is NOT American!

If the country continues to move in a socialist way, soon we will all be criminals so as the government will have an identity and a way to remove the freedoms that we are to enjoy as Americans. Please sign the petition that all members Police be subject to prove themselves without error or prejudice so to protect US Citizens of Entrapment, harassment, etc...

We the Undersigned, call on the State of Arizona to take action and create a law in which all police officers, sheriffs, or any form of law enforcement, shall be subject to polygraph testing or any form of testing necessary in assuring the rights of citizens to accuracy and truthfulness.

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