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On October 9 of every year, the United Kingdom celebrates National Poetry Day. The United States don't have a specific day to celebrate poetry and National Poetry Month is not widely celebrated in the month of April. This petition is calling for changes.

Are you a person who has a passion and appreciation for poetry? If so, please help me get this petition passed. I spoke to Senator Bill Nelson about establishing a poetic holiday for the State of Florida. On this holiday, all libraries and schools will display famous poets all around the world.

On this holiday, those that have a passion for poetry or have written poetry before, will recite their poems at a library or school that majors in Literary Arts. The set date that I would like to have for this holiday is November 10 of every year. The purpose of this holiday is to help the community realize the true passion that's in poetry and have an appreciation for it. I would like all elementary, middle, and high schools, on this holiday, to pick a poem that inspires them and read it aloud in their class. The name I would like to call this holiday is "Florida Poetry Ambassadors Day".

I chose this name because I want everyone that has a passion and appreciation for poetry to spread it to others. Just like there is National Poetry Month (April) and National Poetry Day (October 9 in United Kingdom), there should be a holiday as well.

Thanks so much for your support and I hope to see this petition get passed soon.

Surf and Verse Poetry Club Chairman,
Carl McKever Jr. (chairman@surfandversepoets.com)

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