Edmonton Oilers

Justin Schultz has signed with the Edmonton Oilers. While this is a business-as-usual move in the NHL, Mr. Schultz was different. Due to a loophole in the Collective Bargaining Agreement, Mr. Schultz was able to yield power as a rookie, unseen since the likes of Eric Lindros.

Mr. Shultz - an untested rookie - walked away from a maximum contract with the team that drafted him, causing a media circus. The Anaheim Ducks were left with nothing, including an explanation, as to why Mr. Schultz had no intention of signing with the club.

Regardless of my feelings towards the Anaheim Ducks, I pledge to boo, hiss, jeer, etc. Justin Schultz when he visits my home arena.

Mr. Schultz may be able to control the General Managers of the NHL, but he cannot control the fans.

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