#Consumer Affairs
Neopets, Inc.

Many accounts have been frozen lately for unfair or underserved reasons, these accounts could be new or could be 4 years old, either way it does not matter this is time and effort simple erased and no way to get it back, very FEW actually get the justice they deserve.

By signing this petition you are simply encouraging Neopets to fix their problems with glitches and freezing unfair accounts. Neopets needs to get their act together and remember that we are their customers and we spend so many hours at a time on this site, we dedicate our time and obsession to it and it is simply inexcusable to have all this hard work wasted. All we want is for justice and if it takes loosening the security and having a few dumb scammers around then so be it, at least we can know that our accounts are safe. Please help take a stand and do something about this! Sign your neopets username to signify that you agree that something needs to be done about all this.

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