#Animal Rights
Lidl's and, possibly, other stores and shops
United Kingdom

Chickens can make very rewarding companions. Despite their reputation as silly and comical birds, one study has shown that chickens are smarter than human toddlers.
Despite this, however, some chickens are still kept in cramped and cruel cages. These cages prevent the chickens from performing some of their natural behaviours such as dust-bathing. These chickens are also often de-beaked using lasers, causing pain to them. This is to prevent the birds from becoming aggressive due to their stressful conditions, a problem which should never occur in happy, healthy, free-range chickens.
These chickens should be free-range and happy. They shuld be treated with more respect than they currently are. They deserve to be happy, healthy and safe, and free from suffering, as all beings should be.

We, the Undersigned, ask that you stop selling eggs from caged hens as soon as you can. If you must, replace he caged eggs with high-welfare, free-range eggs. As far as I am aware, Co-op does not sell caged eggs. Tesco's have agreed to stop selling caged eggs by 2025. Please join them and stop selling caged eggs as soon as you can. Thank you.

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