#Immigration discrimination
Immigration Minister the Hon Peter Dutton minister@border.gov.au

Please don't let them take my husband from me, my only true love of my life. The only thing I regret are the years that we lost already. Life is hard enough, where is the compassion anymore? Asking and begging strangers is not my way, but if you could please support us, you would be saving us. We should never have been living under stress and threat of separation like this. How can the government be so cruel in our lives, and demean our worth as human beings, my husband is a good man, the greatest man I have ever met, the best person I have met.

I do not believe what so ever that the government should even be able to use the fact he is in a wheelchair from being injured in Australia, in my home town where we first met. He worked, played sport and went to school here, his life changed forever here, and yet the Government are so cold and cruel.

There is no winning dealing with red tape and cruel outdated immigration legislation. My husband is a winner, he has the strength love and determination for life, despite losing so much from the accident that changed his life forever, but he changed his life he took life by the reigns and he lives for the positive with an open heart. He is strong, he is my world and my world will be lost forever, the torture of losing any time with him, after all the years we have lived apart would be more than I could bare.

My husband has helped everyone he touches in life, he helps me all the time. He has saved lives, he is a wonderful role model to so many. He touches the hearts and minds of even ' difficult' people. He has not asked for anything in return from anyone. He deserves to be with me and I with him.

If he is sent back we will never be together again. Please tell the government to give Christopher a fair go, he identifies as an Aussie - Australia is his home with his wife.

Please stop them from sending him to Canada. Christopher and I need your signatures. Please sign our petition. If you do anything today, please do that.

With love,
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We the undersigned say:
It is our will,
That the immigration minister Hon Peter Dutton MP intervene and exercise his power to provide a health waiver and all exemptions necessary with particular considerations of Christopher Barker, we say that it is not in the public interest to separate Christopher from Australia and his wife and further say that he deserves the care and support of Australia;
1) Christopher sustained the injury in Australia resulting in quadriplegia in 1986 in Victoria.
2) Christopher went to school, played sport, met his first love (his current Australian wife), married, and worked here up until the accident that happened in Australia - we further say that due to quadriplegia occurring in Australia that we as 'Australia' must support his care and needs, and that costs are not a valid consideration against Christopher
3) Christopher should be fast tracked to Australian Citizenship as he had no choice and it was not his will to be taken from Australia in 1987 - we consider this absolute due to compassionate and compelling grounds.
4) Christopher has saved lives and received an award from the Royal Life Saving Society Canada - using his experience to selflessly help others, and due to the no work restriction placed upon him by the immigration department he has been unable to educate our children and young adults- the only cure for spinal cord injuries is prevention.
5) No value can be put upon a life we regard life as priceless.
6) We do not agree with the governments position using discrimination against those with a disability, and we are shocked that no one in the department realized that Christopher and his wife fit the criteria for compelling and compassionate circumstances.
7) As a quadriplegic Christopher is high functioning and independent because of his determination and positive outlook on life and is an inspiration to the public. For example while mowing the lawn- a young man noticed Christopher pushing the lawn mower in his electric wheelchair and later asked "Was that really you cutting the grass?" "I was going to quit my landscaping job because it was too hard, instead you inspired me not only to keep working but to get sober." This is just one of many examples.
8) Christopher and his wife must not be separated, and must be able to be together as long as they both shall live in Australia period.

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