#City & Town Planning
Cardiff County Council
United Kingdom

I am a local Brown Belt Nia teacher, who would like to use a derelict building to offer Nia - health, fitness and well-being classes for all ages.

The building we propose to use has been empty for the last few years and starting to fall into disrepair. It is the old sales building on Windsor Quay, Cardiff and was only granted a temporary planning permission and now a demolition order has been served on it.

The plan is to destroy the building and replace it with landscaped gardens. In other words a piece of grass or flower bed.

We believe that repairing the building and making good use of it by offering small community classes that will improve the health and well-being of local people is more valuable than their plans. Tearing it down would be absurd. It would be a poor environmental and social decision to do this.

Nia is a barefoot practice and over the last 6 years our group has been desperately looking for a safe, clean space where we would be able to dance. We would create a place where everyone would be welcome - providing classes for all ages and all backgrounds. We would dance, share, get fit, heal, inspire and be inspired.

The exciting news is that the building's owners would even donate it to us as they see us offering value to the community and they don't want to tear it down.

The only thing stopping us is the Cardiff Council Planning Department.

Please support us, tell all your friends, help us find Nia a home in Cardiff. Sign our petition to show how important it is that we save this building and use it for a good cause - improving the health and well-being of the whole community.

We, the undersigned, call on Cardiff County Council to allow Nia Cardiff to use the Sales Building on Windsor Quay, Cardiff as a Health & Well-Being Centre.

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