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Forrest County Schools, School Board, Bus Barn, and School State Officials!
United States of America

The most important concern of the people is the safety of our children once they leave the house every morning and when they get off the bus each evening.

During the fall semesters of school it is dark when the children congregate at the bus stop and there have been reports of registered sex offenders at the bus stop on countless occassions. There have also been reports of parents physically attacking other people's children. There are countless fights and numerous of other acts of malice and thereafter.

On day rainy days the children are soak and wet before they even get on the bus. The majority of the trouble the children get into begins at the overcrowded bus stop. There are three different schools of children at the bus stop at the same time. The police have been called several times for incidents that have taken place at the bus stop.

There is a high volume of traffic at the bus stop especially during drop off. There is no cross walk worker and the youngest child walking to and from the bus stop is five years of age.

We, the people, feel that a lot of these problems can be avoided by the bus simply driving into the circle instead of having the children walk out of the circle to go to school! Thank you very much!

We, the undersigned, are asking Forrest County School District, School Board, The bus barn, Mississippi Educational State Officials, or anyone who hears our cry for help to please make it possible for the school buses to drive into the circles to pick up and drop off children on a daily basis.

There are too many incidents that could be avoided by the bus driving into the circle. It would also eliminate the traffic jam during bus pick-up and drop-off.

Please drive the school buses into the circle while transporting the children. Thank you very much!

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