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Bill Gates
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Ever since Amazon has took over IMDB(Internet Movie Database) website, it has brought many unwelcome and unproductive changes.
The limit of this was crossed, when the Management Board took the decision to scrap the more-than-a-decade long feature called 'Message Boards' - where people/users could discuss anything about a particular movie.
Even today, there are so many bugs in this website. Recently, some great changes were made to the 'List' feature. This feature was already full of bugs and required an upgrade, but the changes made the feature even more difficult to use than earlier!
And this is just one of the string of examples, where the IMDB management has done blunders and taken a very counter-productive and bad decision.
I have a humble request to Bill Gates. He has so much money, this is a great opportunity for him to use it to good use.


We, the IMDB users, call for Bill Gates, to buy IMDB website from the clutches of Amazon. This will be of great value to all the IMDB users, around the world.

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