#Local Government
City of Ottawa, Ontario

We would like you to change the Ottawa Bylaw: http://ottawa.ca/residents/bylaw/a_z/acc_en.html
to allow hens in rural Ottawa; a few backyard chickens cannot be louder or dirtier than dogs if properly cared for.

A good opportunity for all to get in touch with our rural roots and teach children where the food comes from.

Dear Ottawa City Hall:

We, residents of rural Ottawa, would like you to change the City by-law to allow residents of rural Ottawa to keep a limited number of hens (no roosters) in their very large backyards within City limits. Keeping hens would enable residents to provide a nutritious, delicious, safe, and environmentally friendly eggs for their families, while at the same time teaching our children where food comes from, and what it is worth.

Dr. David Waltner-Toews, veterinarian, epidemiologist, and professor at the University of Guelph, has written that he knows of “no evidence linking human illness with keeping small urban flocks.” Further, he believes that “if we do not make room for these urban entrepreneurs, we risk losing a set of very important food-rearing skills that will enable us to better navigate the economic, climatic and environmental instability our society will face in the coming decades.”

Considering that in rural Ottawa our backyards measure several acres, it just doesn't make any sense to follow present bylaw which does not allow us to provide free-range eggs for our families by keeping a few hens in the backyard.

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