League of Legends fans

All started with Runeterra's map udated, Marc Merill asked on Twitter if a MMORPG based on League of Legends Universe was a good idea or not. Only one day later, Marc Merrill's (Tryndamere) tweeted about the fact that Runeterra MMO was a simply joke and everyone was disappointed. Really disappointed... But we have hope that wa can change that, so we need to say that ! Please Riot, if it was a real joke, make it a reality ! We'll never stop to believe until Riot says clearly that all was a fake. Let's fight until the end for what we need !

If you love LoL's Universe, if you love MMORPG, say it to Riot and let's hope all together. That's just the only wish that gamers have at this moment and at least, say us with true words if MMO project can be real or is completly false.

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