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Palm oil plantations are hostile environments that restrict life. Minimal animals and plants can live on these plantations as the surrounding soils are drained of any nutritious material. Because the soil then cannot provide the basic fundamentals for a plant nothing can grow there for to long, including the oil palms. These plantations then get shifted around constantly to new locations cutting down excessive amounts of forestation. This contributes to the endangerment of numerous animals and plant life who have their habitats cut down. This results in the collapse of several ecosystems, as all species rely on each other to individually thrive.

As there are four hundred and thirty six different names for palm oil, it can be very confusing to identify it in the ingredients list.
Having one clear label that tells you whether food does or does not have palm oil in it, it gives people a choice to this troubling situation.

It is true that until we find another sustainable solution it will still be necessary to continue using palm oil, as it is in a large quantity of our food products. By putting stickers on items that contain palm oil we can provide consumers with more than one option.

We are a small organisation called PLANet A. Our goal is to label all food products in Australia that do not contain palm oil, with 'a palm oil free' sticker to provide the customer with further information about the item they are purchasing. We hope to give the consumers a choice to using palm oil products. Palm oil plantations are affecting already endangered animal's habitats, as farmers are cutting down three hundred football fields of forest an hour to house palm oil plants in Indonesia alone. We believe that all Australians should have the right to know and understand how the ingredients in their foods are affecting everyone and everything's future, unless we work together to change it.

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