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Office of Governor Eric Greitens, State of Missouri
United States of America

Governor Eric Greitens of Missouri wants to cut $433,000 from the Animal Care Facilities Act Program. As a member of a dog rescue group, Act Now! Rescue, this cut would encourage the continuing deplorable conditions and abuses of Missouri puppy mills. We would like the Governor to reconsider this cut in funding, so that dogs currently covered under the ACPA will be treated humanely.

I was reading the St. Louis Post-Dispatch article today, which mentioned that you were going to cut $433,000 from the Animal Care Facilities Act Program. I was disappointed to read that, as the HSLF (Humane Society Legislative Fund) recommended that people vote for you, as opposed to Chris Koster, who undermined Prop B, the Puppy Mill Act.

I work for a dog rescue group, Act Now! Rescue, and know first-hand the cruelty and results of puppy mills in Missouri. We are not the only rescue group in the state. I think we can speak for all rescue groups when I say that the dogs we rescue are not always in the best condition or come from people who truly care about a dog's health and well-being. A lot of money is spent in vet care, the time our fosters spend in takeing care of them, and our rescue group's travel to the rural regions in order to, rescue these dogs. These dogs are suffering from lack of care, neglect and downright cruelty. While we do charge adoption fees, when the dogs are ready for their forever homes, it doesn't begin to cover a lot of veterinary care, vaccinations, spaying and neutering, prior to offering these dogs for adoption. By denying monies for the ACFA Program, you allow puppy mills to continue breeding dogs in deplorable conditions, without any serious repercussions.

According to the Humane Society of the U.S.'s "100 Horrible Hundred List" of puppy mills in each state, Missouri has 30 puppy mills, with 15 of them listed as repeat offenders. This is the most out of all 50 states in the U.S. I am appalled that Missouri is #1 on this list and it appears that little is being done to correct this.

The Department of Agriculture's inspector program brings in revenue to help pay its own costs by charging animal licensing fees for more than 2,000 registered facilities and fines. This program can generate even more revenue if inspectors enforced the ACFAP more rigorously by fining the operators who repeatedly fail to take adequate care of their dogs. It does not reflect well upon the state of Missouri that our Governor wants to cut funding for this program.

I would urge you to not cut funding for the ACFAP for the welfare of dogs, the people who rescue them, and the people who love them. Thank you for your consideration in this crucial matter.

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