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Kendrick Road in Pelham, Alabama has a railway that has no bars, and no lights that signify if a train is coming. Just recently, relatives of mine were driving on that road one night when a train blindsided them because there were no safety features to notify drivers for an approaching train. In consequence, they have been seriously injured. They are lucky that they are two strong survivors from this accident; however, they are currently in the ICU with serious disclosed injuries.
How many more accidents like this will Shelby County/ The city of Pelham will allow? Within our constitutional rights, the government's sole purpose is to protect its citizens. Knowing there is a railway with no bars, or lights frightens me for the safety of other drivers. This could have been an elderly couple, a teenager who's at the brink of high school, eager to start their life; this could have even been you.
This petition will be used to push an incentive to Shelby County, and Pelham mayor Don Murphy to place safety features around this railway on Kendrick Road. I deeply urge you all to help make change so no family has to hurt, help save a life. Be the difference.

Kalvin Robinson

We, the undersigned, calls on Mayor Don Murphy and the administration of Shelby County, to either close Kendrick Road, or place railway safety features to prevent any future fatalities that can be caused by a train.

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